Bud for business,
for hassle-free customer
delivery inside valley.

What makes us Nepal's best "everything" delivery service?

we do deliveries faster, cheaper and better

Lighting fast deliveries

Now Business can deliver customer product within 60 minutes inside valley from Restaurant, supermarket, ecommerce, bakeries, pharmacy and business of all kinds.

Live tracking

Get live order updates on your dashboard and your customer get tracking link via sms once rider accept and can track same like ride sharing app.

Multiple drop points

Delivery your customers orders by adding multiple drop points to the same order.

Scheduling option

Get your orders picked up at a later time and date. You can also schedule upto a week in advance.

Cash on delivery

Collect COD from your customers for your deliveries and get instant deposit once your overall order got delivered.


Live order support

Live order support for all your order and queries resolved in minutes for you and your customer.

A newer, easier way of managing customer deliveries

Step 1

Add Pickup and drop locations

Step 2

Add any special instructions to your order


Step 3

Place your delivery

Step 4

You're all set. Track your order.

Access it from various platforms

Choose how you want to use our services based on your business needs


Use the Web Dashboard

Access our online dashboard using a mobile or desktop browser

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API Integration

We provide integration with third party APIs to manage all your orders at one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from restricted and illegals items, you can deliver all items that can be carried on a bike using Fab Bud.

Unfortunately, Fab Bud does support deliveries around Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur too. Fab Bud is meant by Hyperlocal deliveries within city.

Our delivery charges depend on Base fare plus Distance. To get real time delivery charges, once create your account at https://app.fab.com.np

There are no any charges. You’ll only be charged for the deliveries you made on Fab Bud and nothing else.

You can deliver your orders within 60 minutes along with real time tracking for your customer same like ride sharing app along with affordable delivery charges, Multiple drop location, scheduling option, After delivery COD settlement, real time tracking, your own tracking page, Proof of deliveries and delivery timeline and Live order support.

You can pay your delivery charges using cash option. Currently, we are integrating payment gateway.

Worried about getting your orders delivered? Your trouble ends here

Fab Bud delivers your products at your customer's doorstep in minimum 60 minutes. Restaurants, Supermarkets, Pharmacy, pet store, E-commerce companies and others can use our service. Currently, we are available n Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.