Finding the perfect delivery service in Kathmandu

After placing an order on any delivery service in Kathmandu and while waiting for delivery rider to come and pickup your order to deliver at drop locations, how many times have you wondered — Where exactly delivery rider is? or when will my orders will get deliver? Do all mine orders are delivered or not? When will I receive my cod? Time and again similar questions might have crossed our minds. Now, switching the delivery your orders — Now you maybe thinking about a delivery service in Kathmandu to deliver your orders instantly.

Finding good delivery company in Kathmandu who can pickup your orders whenever they request, deliver their order once pickup, Real time delivery information, sender, and receiver both can track in real time and same day COD settlement.

Here we present to you: Fab Bud a hyperlocal delivery platform which help us to deliver your orders instantly with real time tracking to both sides. We are here to change the way to deliver orders, how you shop and lets you access Kathmandu valley like never before. We’re a platform that connects you to the nearest delivery rider who can deliver your orders. This is how our delivery process works:

  • You get orders from your customer.
  • Create a pickup/drop through dashboard.
  • Nearby delivery riders accept your request and pick-up your orders.
  • Once we pick up from your location, we directly deliver at your customer’s doorstep within 60 minutes.
  • Once your deliveries get complete, our delivery rider will transfer that COD at your esewa or Khalti.