Benefits of Multi-drop Feature

Ever faced the need to deliver over ten-fifteen orders in a day? Imagine the hassle of create 10-15 different orders! It is precisely for this reason that we crafted this article for you.

First, what is “multi-drop delivery”? It is when delivery service providers assign one delivery partner to deliver multiple orders along the same/different route rather than having to make individual deliveries to each customer or location for each order.

Now, who needs this service. The e-commerce industry is one to name, like Fashion & retail industry, beauty & personal care products, Daily groceries, medicine, and others. Also, anyone who need to deliver multiple orders/products at the same time then you need multi-drop deliveries.

Now let’s discuss the benefits of using multi-drop deliveries have:

Benefit 1: Efficient Delivery

With multi-drop deliveries, you can easily dispatch multiple orders in one pick-up. One delivery partner Pickup all in one and delivery your orders quickly, efficiently and without any delays.

Benefit 2: Cost Saving

Having one vehicle do all your deliveries in one go helps you to save the cost of getting multiple deliveries to do individual deliveries.

Benefit 3: Customer Satisfaction

People are no longer willing to wait 1-2 days to get their product – they want to know when their order will reach to them. Instant hyperlocal delivery service with multiple dropoff location ensure that these products get delivered instantly. After the deliveries gets finish, the sender can rate and comment on the order. They don’t have to wait longer time to receive their CODs. It’s an excellent method to keep track of client satisfaction and ensure your staff is driven to provide excellent customer service and high-quality products.

You now know what a multi-drop delivery is, and what benefits it can give your business.  Fab Bud allows multiple delivery drop-off where you can deliver your orders in one go. To be more efficient with your delivery routes, you can optimize it with just one click! Our route optimizer automatically arranges your delivery addresses by location– this shows you the cheapest option and gets your products delivered faster to your waiting customers! All are made possible by booking via the website.